Friday, April 25, 2008

the t-machine

“The following moment always contains, over and above the preceding one, the memory the latter has left it”

Henri Bergson

The T-machine is an architectural web-log as much as it is an architectural archive. It is a log, because it follows a chronological order; or more precisely a subjective time-line, an assemblage of (more or less) random points from different time zones. It is an archive, because it tries to question that nature of a common log: Each new entry is not taking the place of the previous one but is rather taking a place next to the previous one. It is a succession of entries but only one where the previous is as important as the next.

This process of entering in it is in fact the motor of The T-machine. Every new participation includes the traces of the previous ones, as stimuli for thinking and draws the limits of the next ones, giving food to their dynamism.

The T-machine wants to engage itself with architecture; therefore wants to engage itself with any other discipline that can affect or inform architecture. It has no ideology whatsoever, but is made out of separate people that want to express their ideas and opinions.

The T-machine wants to add more random points and time zones to its timeline, therefore is open to contributions, comments and discussions.

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