Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 KAM Workshop: The Bankruptcy of Architecture

In this year's "Bankruptcy of Architecture", the workshop will investigate the local conditions as a particular moment of a financial crisis. Can the crisis determine some strategies for architecture? The particular Greek moment takes an emblematic form: a positive, constructive look to this bankrupted world we built is needed. At the contrary some very strong concepts need to be redefined, such the concept of "nature" or the "politics of reuse". Some changes of the value systems have to be taken under consideration for the function of a workshop that always related art to architecture through theoretical investigation.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

apomechanes 2010

Ahylo lab in collaboration with supermanoeuvre and kokkugia are pleased to announce the launch of the apomechanes 2010 studio (seminar and workshop) to be held in Athens this summer, from the 19th of July till the 6th of August.
Apomechanes is an intensive 3-­‐week computational design studio held each summer in Athens, Greece. The studio is devoted to furthering techniques and concepts of algorithmic processes as means for design and fabrication. Apomechanes brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study to discuss, exchange and collaborate on projects that investigate modes of algorithmic and machinic processes in architectural design. The title apomechanes is derived from “από μηχανής”, literally “from the machine”, and refers to the machinic nature of the studio in both an abstract/diagrammatic and a literal fabrication sense.
At present computational techniques are predominantly employed in the optimization, rationalization or surface decoration of more traditionally created wholes. This research instead focuses on the inherent potential of computation to generate space and of algorithmic procedures to engage self-­‐organization in the design process. During the workshop, participants create their own custom algorithms leading to the fabrication of working full-­‐scale prototypes appropriate to their research trajectories. Participants engage closely with computational processes in order to develop an aesthetic and intuition of complexity that resides in a balance between design intent and emergent character.
Along with the apomechanes studio there are four more events that are organized for this summer:
  • Karl Chu will lecture on the 2nd of June in Athens at 7:30pm in Benaki Museum. Karl Chu is principal of the architectural studio METAXY. Before taking on the professorship at the School of Architecture at the Pratt Institute, he was the founder and director of the Institute for Genetic Architecture at the GSAPP, Columbia University, New York. In addition, he is also a Co-­‐director of the Biodigital Architecture Program at ESARQ, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona. He is involved in the research and development of genetic architecture and the ontology of the architecture of possible worlds. He has taught, lectured, published and exhibited internationally.
  • apomechanes is inviting the participants of the studio as well as a curated group of emerging designers to a weeklong sailing symposium around the Greek islands. This initiative is seeking to formalize, through a series of records of proceedings, an on-­‐going dialog around the future of contemporary methodologies in architectural design and fabrication technologies.
  • An exhibition with all the working full-­‐scale prototypes from the apomechanes will be held in September in Athens. The exhibition will be supported with projects from the instructors and invited architects and designers.
  • A bilingual (Greek and English) publication covering works from apomechanes, supported with articles and projects from the instructors and invited architects and designers will be published in September. apomechanes is now accepting applications, further information is available at:
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